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Quality and sophistication at the best price – this is what defines our Marble countertops. If a combination of premium quality and affordability is what you’re aiming for, Marble Kitchen Countertops should be ideal for you.

At Kitchen Cabinet Design, we offer Marble Countertops of the finest quality. Our entire assortment of countertops is sourced directly from well-reputed suppliers in the US. Explore our sumptuous collection down here, discover your desired countertop, and get in touch with us right away for a free design consultation.

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    Shelly Barns
    Shelly Barns
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    Your bathroom cabinets have the best quality and design. I also love the color that you painted on it. My bathroom doesn’t look dull anymore. It looked a lot like I’m in a Victorian-era palace bathroom. I will purchase another one from them, this time for my bedroom.
    Martin Smith
    Martin Smith
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    Kitchen cabinets designs provided me the best quality kitchen cabinets, now my kitchen has been updated. I was confused where to buy quality cabinets for the kitchen, but kitchen cabinets designs sold me branded cabinets. I really recommended!
    Jacob Luke
    Jacob Luke
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    Last month I was confused about which cabinets store in is best? I was focusing on my kitchen renovation work and looking for modern and stylish kitchen cabinets. I am very thankful to kitchen cabinet designs for providing me with robust and colorful cabinets at fair prices.
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    I was finally sick of my old kitchen cabinets, but I am much happier now that I bought new ones from kitchen cabinet design. I love the wood, the finish, and the color. And I am happy to say that I found what I looked for a store that had everything I needed for a long time.

    Composition and Qualities of Marble Kitchen Countertops

    Marble kitchen countertops are made out of natural marble stone, which is a bit softer than the composite materials of granite. This softness might appear as a downside. But the actual positive aspect of marble being a relatively softer material is that it can be cut, molded, and shaped easily into any design.

    Marble stone is made out of another earthly “sedimentary” rock which is basically limestone. As for its softness, modern countertops are protected with an epoxy coating that adds a lot to their strength and longevity. Furthermore, the marble epoxy countertops are also gaining enough popularity among homeowners in Orland Park, Chicago, and other regions of Illinois. We at Kitchen Cabinet Design also offer a wide selection of marble epoxy countertops, so be sure to drop by our store and explore our collection.

    Colors and Designs of Marble Countertops

    One of the most striking aspects of Marble countertops is their aesthetically pleasing appearance. This elegance stems from their remarkable colors which are all natural and authentic. Although our selection offers an endless range of colors for marble kitchen countertops, here’s a glimpse of the most popular marble vanity tops and slabs that we feature:

    The modern world is all about minimalism with a subtle touch of bold tones. Nothing stamps this wild combination in your kitchen better than the fantasy black marble Countertops. Let that be the rich black tone with subtle white veins or a blend of black & dark grey marble countertops, it’s all up here for you to explore.

    This particular tone offers the most natural, authentic look of marble kitchen countertops. That’s because limestone, the composite rock of marble, has a white appearance in nature. A glossy finish over absolute white marble kitchen countertops can offer the best impression of your kitchen space to any onlooker. In addition, white marble countertops go well with dark espresso cabinets, sealing the ideal contrast throughout your kitchen. Regardless of your white marble countertop priceyou can take your marble looking its best!

    The most versatile of all countertops in terms of color are the brown marble countertops. Due to the versatility of the brown shade, the fantasy brown marble Countertops can blend with virtually any color or style of cabinetry, backsplash, and flooring.

    Do you prefer a touch of nature all over your kitchen? Well, green offers the ideal manifestation of nature. And having green marble countertops expresses your love for nature and greenery. Green marble countertops may not be that popular at the moment, but they’re expected to gain significant approval over time.

    Cool, calm, serene & inspirational – blue marble countertops in a nutshell! The best thing about blue shade is that it can be manifested in a range of styles and combinations, and all these styles are available for you here at Kitchen Cabinet Design in Orland Park, IL. Visit today and explore the diversity of blue marble countertops.

    How much do marble countertops cost per square foot?

    The marble countertops are known for the affordability they tend to offer. The top-quality marble kitchen countertops range from $2000 to $4500. This implies that the average marble countertops cost would be somewhere around $3000. The lowest and highest costs depend on various factors including material quality, color combination, size dimensions, and brand. The most important measure is to consider the marble countertop cost per square foot.

    However, here at Kitchen Cabinet Design, we feature nothing but quality in all marble countertops’ cost ranges. We ensure your choice of color, style, and supplier in Orland Park, IL. Let’s have a look at marble cost per square foot to help you estimate the overall price according to the dimensions of your space:

    The marble vanity tops and kitchen countertops come in the form of slabs. The ideal range for marble cost per square foot begins from $40 and goes up to $100. The average marble cost per square foot would be around $60. Having said that, the cost primarily depends on the material quality, edge treatments, installation cost, and add-ons. Kitchen Cabinet Design ensures the best combination of quality and costs in the entire Orland Park and Chicago region. 

    Marble countertops are iconic and come in a variety of styles and color pigments. This is one of the reasons why marble countertops’ cost varies. From the realm of natural stone to a broad range of shades such as white, green, tropical blue, and earthy brown. However, the average cost of marble countertops can be calculated by speaking with our experts. Visit to explore more.

    FAQs About Marble Kitchen Countertops:

    The average cost of marble countertops depends on the type of marble you choose. Marble gives a variety of options to choose from. Also allowing to mix and match for perfect home styling.

    Marble is perceived as a luxurious natural stone. It certainly makes your kitchen look beautiful and attractive. It also boosts the overall appeal of your home resulting in higher property values.

    This is a debate among marble and granite users. In terms of hardness and longevity, granite is comparatively much stronger than marble. Whereas, marble offers a complete set of variations in colors. You can make pure beauty in the form of a marble countertop, backsplash, or vanity.

    With so many colors and patterns, it becomes hard to choose your marble countertop. Visit our Marble Countertops store in Orland Park, IL, and we will ensure a perfect style for your home needs. Check out our collection of gorgeous marble. 

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