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Do you love this distinctive flair of ultra-modern countertops Design? Nothing better than Quartz kitchen countertops can transform your kitchen space into something modern and sophisticated. At Kitchen Cabinet Design, we offer an extensive collection of Quartz countertops at ideal rates compared to other cabinet & countertops stores in Orland Park, IL.

Our quartz countertops certainly boast several quality aspects including durability, reliability, and excellent strength. But something that truly sets them apart from all other types of countertops is their seamless, minimalist, and exquisitely modern appearance. Choose your desired quartz countertop from the extensive collection down here:

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    Shelly Barns
    Shelly Barns
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    Your bathroom cabinets have the best quality and design. I also love the color that you painted on it. My bathroom doesn’t look dull anymore. It looked a lot like I’m in a Victorian-era palace bathroom. I will purchase another one from them, this time for my bedroom.
    Martin Smith
    Martin Smith
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    Kitchen cabinets designs provided me the best quality kitchen cabinets, now my kitchen has been updated. I was confused where to buy quality cabinets for the kitchen, but kitchen cabinets designs sold me branded cabinets. I really recommended!
    Jacob Luke
    Jacob Luke
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    Last month I was confused about which cabinets store in is best? I was focusing on my kitchen renovation work and looking for modern and stylish kitchen cabinets. I am very thankful to kitchen cabinet designs for providing me with robust and colorful cabinets at fair prices.
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    I was finally sick of my old kitchen cabinets, but I am much happier now that I bought new ones from kitchen cabinet design. I love the wood, the finish, and the color. And I am happy to say that I found what I looked for a store that had everything I needed for a long time.

    Quartz Cost Guide

    The quartz countertops prices vary based on several factors, of which the size dimension is the most crucial factor. The average cost of quartz countertops can be around $5000 for an average kitchen size. The range of quartz countertops prices is $3000 to $8000 based on the size, quality, colorways, edge designs, and install add-ons. 

    There are many types of quartz and so the quartz countertops’ prices are different. However, the average price of quartz countertops still depends on your choice and personal preference. Regardless of this fact, all types are beautiful and durable. Let’s have a look at quartz countertops cost per square foot:

    The average cost of quartz countertops can be easily determined if you understand quartz price per square foot. In terms of square feet, the quartz countertops’ prices begin from $50 and can go all the way up to $200. Such versatility in the price range is due to the quality and add-ons that you might want to have during the installation. The quartz countertops cost per square foot for the premium quality slabs with seamless design and no visible vein patterns can range from $75 to $200/sq ft. So no worries about your white quartz countertop cost, you can get it at the most affordable rates.

    Colors and designs of quartz countertops

    Black and white quartz countertops are the most common colorways since they can be embellished with a range of patterns. For white, you can discover Artic white quartz, Calico White Quartz, galaxy black quartz countertops, and many more. Here’s our take on the quartz countertop colors & designs:

    Quartz kitchen countertops are engineered; therefore, they can be molded into any possible color, style, and design. It all depends on the pigment types the manufacturers are adding. But you’re expected to find your preferred colorway by visiting our countertop store in Orland Park, Illinois. Whether you are looking for green quartz countertops, we take care of your color, style, and supplier choice. Here are some of the most common quartz countertop colors.

    The most elegant, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing style in black quartz countertops is the Galaxy Black variant. It is based on a dark back background adorned with gold and silver specks, giving off a sophisticated “galaxy in the night sky” look!

    A rather unique idea to stamp the distinctive looks in your kitchen is to install green quartz countertops. Several shades of green are available on the countertops. But the most loved ones are the emerald green quartz countertops offering a natural, deep green appearance throughout your space. Our dark green quartz countertops are impressive so you will always be satisfied. 

    A more sophisticated, professional, and formal look in your kitchen – a great idea to seal modernity, isn’t it? Stamp such an amazing look with Bedrock Quartz countertops available in abundance here at Kitchen Cabinet Design in Orland Park, IL.

    Calacatta countertops are known for their simple yet enchanting looks. The original calacatta style usually comes in marble slabs. But quartz can also be shaped to mimic the calacatta effect. The Calacatta quartz countertops are almost entirely based on natural quartz (90-95%) with some proportion of resins, polymers, and pigments (5-10%).

    FAQs About Quartz Kitchen Countertops:

    Before starting out, make sure to budget things. The typical cost of quartz countertops ranges between $50 to $70 per square foot. However, depending on the complete size of your countertop, keep enough budget.

    The cost of a 10-foot quartz countertop may cost you around $800 to $1000. However, the final cost will depend on the type of quartz you choose.

    Quartz is a very scratch-resistant material. But the regular encounter of extreme pressure or cutting, it starts chipping or scratching. However, in everyday use, knives and other sharp materials do not scratch quartz easily.

    Caesar stone is the top-rated product and one of the customer choices of quartz. It features plenty of colors as well as multiple textures and thickness.

    The amount of resin used in the composition of quartz is the significant difference between high and low-quality quartz. Low-quality quartz uses a high percentage of resin while high-quality quartz uses less amount of resin.

    Looking for the best quality quartz countertops near Orland Park, IL?  Order your favorite quartz from Kitchen Cabinet Design. We have all types of quartz that allow you to style your home with ease. So contact us now!

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